Restaurant Spotlight: Straw Hat Restaurant


Beachfront dining on Meads Bay

I would be remiss to not discuss Straw Hat Restaurant in our restaurant highlights. Yes, Straw Hat sits on Frangipani property, but even if it didn’t, you could count me amongst the many in line to have an incredible meal with stunning views.

Perched ever-so-perfectly on Meads Bay, Straw Hat has managed to become the go-to for romantic dinners, family meals and corporate dining (just last week, the Subaru gang was there in force). While I, personally, have had my share of meals there à deux, I’ve also enjoyed meals with friends and with family in a setting that never disappoints.


In terms of quality and innovation, Straw Hat has continued to up the ante. With their new chef, Nick Dellinger, taking the reigns in recent years, visitors have noticed some delicious new twists on their menu in the last year alone. Of course, their staples have continued to grace tables, but their new additions have not gone unnoticed. The ahi tuna banh mi and the big eye tuna flatbread (to name a couple of standouts) have introduced a fresh twist to the island’s typical lobster/crayfish/chicken medley.

If we’re talking service, Straw Hat has some of the best — if not the best — service on the island. A friendly, knowledgable (and efficient!) staff ensures that your cocktails are on the table and that your food is coursed out properly. Dining in Anguilla will certainly remind you that speediness is not always top of mind when you’re on island time, but Straw Hat’s management team seems to have emphasized the importance of timeliness when it comes to getting patrons’ meals on tables. I’m sure hungry diners around the world share my joy at that revelation.


Here’s a bite of their dinner menu:

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 3.59.47 PM

Check out their full dinner menu here.

Straw Hat serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Reservations are strongly encouraged, especially during high season.

What are your must-tries at Straw Hat?

To stay up to speed on Straw Hat happenings, you can find them on Twitter @strawhataxa. Follow Chef Nick for a sneak peek of daily specials @chefngd.

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