Restaurant Spotlight: Dolce Vita


Italian food makes a splash in Anguilla

Guests often ask for restaurant recommendations. For most, the sheer quantity of high calibre restaurants on the island make this is a seriously tough question to answer. There are a few restaurants that constantly stay top of mind for me — all standouts for their own reasons — but arguments can surely be made for many of the restaurants on the island.

One of the places that never fails to make the recommendations list? Dolce Vita in Sandy Ground. I’ll be frank in prefacing this discussion: Italian isn’t one of my favorite cuisines. Unlike the majority of mankind, pizza and pasta rarely capture my interest. That being said, Dolce Vita’s take on traditional Italian cuisine leaves me wanting more.

The food itself is, without a doubt, divine. Housemade pastas, fresh seafood, and high quality inputs make their fare irresistible. Beyond that, though, there’s the ambiance, the service and the proprietor, Abbi Ibrahim, who keeps Dolce Vita buzzing with life.


Their appetizer menu offers perfectly balanced options: pair light and refreshing tuna tartare or bruschetta with the decadent gorgonzola gnocchi and your table is guaranteed to be all smiles. My love for tuna tartare is often unparalleled, but the gnocchi is tres magnifique; a must-try even for the most discerning palates.

Their pastas, seafood and meat options offer something for everyone. Not a pasta fan? The branzino, which is deboned table side, gets rave reviews from frequenters of this Italian spot. If you’ve made reservations at Dolce Vita because you are an Italian enthusiast, you’re in good hands. One of their frequent specials allows you to choose crayfish or lobster with your choice of house made pasta. Other house favorites include their famous homemade lasagna (more like a decadent, melt-in-your-mouth soufflé), the seafood pasta, and the duck paparedelle.

After the bread, the wine, and the pasta, you’re probably thinking you’ll need to be rolled out of Sandy Ground. Well, be warned: the desserts and after dinner drinks will set your hearts aflame, so save room. Abbi, ever the showman, expertly makes Grand Marnier sizzle, and sets bananas flambé aflame table side (see the picture above).

Here’s a snapshot of their dinner menu to whet your palate:

Dolce Vita Menu

See their menus here.

Dolce Vita is open for dinner Monday through Saturday and offers a lunch menu Monday through Friday. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

Have you dined at Dolce Vita? What’s are your favorite menu items?

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