Celebrate Anguilla Day!

De Tree

Following a weekend of Memorial Day celebrations for our guests from the US, we’re prepping to celebrate one of the island’s biggest holidays, Anguilla Day. Celebrating Anguilla’s independence from St. Kitts and Nevis in 1967, May 30th continues to be a day of festive celebrations, including a highly-anticipated sailboat race around the island.

The annual Anguilla Day race begins at Sandy Ground at around 9AM. For visitors looking to partake in the excitement, get ready for a full day of celebrations! Grab some breakfast to go (we suggest Geraud’s or Le Bon Pain for a quick bite) and head on down to Sandy Ground to get your day started while locals cheer on their favorite boat. (At Team Frangipani, we’re rooting for our sponsored boat, De Tree!) Once the boats set sail, head east to catch the competitors as they continue their race around the East End on their trek around the island. Naturally, the race is an all-day endeavor and finishes around 4PM when the boats return to Sandy Ground to the finish line.

If you’re planning on celebrating their return, make sure you’ve picked your spot on the beach in Sandy Ground before the boats arrive so you can join in the celebrations with live music and local BBQ to keep you fueled.

We’re loading up our boat, Relentless, with excited guests and will be following the race as we root on our team! How are you celebrating Anguilla Day? Any additional festivities that we should know about? Please share with us in the comments below!

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