De Tree reigns supreme on Anguilla Day


Anguilla Day, which takes place on May 30th to celebrate Anguillan independence, also somewhat informally kicks off the the summer of sailboat races. Sandy Ground, the main port in Anguilla, marked the starting and ending points for the boats as they sailed around the island. After a late start, the boats set sail, heading west (instead of the traditional east-bound route, due to wind) finding their way around Meads Bay, Rendezvous Bay and on towards the east end of the island.


At the Frangipani, we took a group of guests out on our boat to follow the races and to cheer on our #1, De Tree. Onlookers came out en masse to root on their hometown favorite. Yes, the term “hometown” seems like a stretch on an island that’s only 16 miles long, but each boat comes from a different neighborhood and garners a great amount of support from its respective home. In addition to fans cheering from the beach and cliffs, party boats were out to follow the races where people had access to live music, food and an open bar.


De Tree, the Frangipani-sponsored boat captained by Ross Romney, held strong to win the race as it came to an end late in the afternoon. The boat races continue throughout the season, but will pick up in full force during Carnival in August. With J’ouvert Morning/August Monday kicking off the festivities, boat races will take place daily until the season comes to a close that following Sunday with the final Champion of Champions race. De Tree has made us proud for years, continuing to claim that title and we’re rooting them on for another successful season ahead.

Interested in joining the festivities? Head on down to Anguilla to celebrate Carnival with us. We have a Carnival Package for those looking to check out August Monday with front row seats! Read more about the package here.

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