Boat excursion: Beach hopping day trip

A day trip to Sandy Island, Rendezvous Bay and Cove Bay

When a couple at the hotel suggested a beach-hopping tour for Saturday, the idea sounded pretty idyllic. We rounded up three other couples that were interested in a mini tour of the island’s west end and headed out to sea.

We typically offer snorkeling trips and sunset cruises throughout the week, but we always enjoy a customized outing. With enough people to fill the boat, plus wine, beer and champagne, we headed out aboard the Relentless for a day long excursion.

We had two stops practically etched in stone for the day but were trying to figure out where to kick start the day of activities. We decided to make our first stop of the day at the ever-popular Sandy Island. Sitting just off of Anguilla’s coast, Sandy Island is a tiny 25 x 150 yard space that’s home to a restaurant, a volleyball net and some great snorkeling.




After our quick stint at Sandy Island, we hopped back on the Relentless and made our way around the western point of the island passing by Barnes Bay, Shoal Bay West, Maundays Bay and Anguillita. We had two stops in mind for the afternoon: Cove Bay and Rendezvous Bay. We decided to head to Rendezvous first to catch some rays and have lunch at the Sunshine Shack. Owned and operated by Garvey Lake, the Sunshine Shack provided guests with an option of chicken, ribs or fish plus a slew of blended drinks to keep even the most discerning frozen drink aficionado happy.


After our time at Rendezvous Bay, we headed over to Smokey’s at Cove Bay to listen to the Musical Brothers before heading back to Meads Bay. One of our most critical takeaways from our excursion? Our guests had way too much fun to not make this a more regular occurrence. We’re excited to begin adding beach hopping excursions to our portfolio of boat trip offerings in the 2013/2014 season!

Tell us: If you were heading out for a day trip by boat, which three places in Anguilla would top your list? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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