Local Insights: Rasharn Harrigan

Why Island Harbour haunts reign supreme

RasharnWe’re continuing our Local Insights series to help guests gain some insight on what makes Anguilla — and the Frangipani — so special. We’re talking with our staff members individually to get their thoughts on must-try dining,  favorite experiences, island secrets, plus what makes the Frangipani a unique experience. Beach Boy Extraordinaire, Rasharn Harrigan (affectionately known as Rashey), talks about the island’s best kept secret and Anguilla’s #1 experience.

Hometown: Island Harbour, Anguilla
Years at the Frangipani: 
6 years

What’s your favorite thing about Anguilla?
The culture and the splendor of the island, especially around Carnival. The local boat races, the spirit of Anguilla — it’s all lovely.

What do you think makes the Frangipani a unique experience for guests?
When you stay at the Frangipani, you get to know the beach boys, the front desk girls, and all the staff personally. You get to build these lifelong bonds. When you come back, we’ll be here with the same smile, welcoming you back to the Frangipani.

What’s the most interesting request or question you’ve received from a guest?

‘Do I need to swim to Sandy Island?’

What do you think is the island’s best kept secret?
Captain’s Bay at Island Harbour is the island’s best kept secret. It’s a beautiful beach with thick powdery white sand. It’s the perfect place to unwind — just you and the blue waters.

When it comes to dining, what’s your favorite restaurant on the island?
Honestly, Straw Hat is the best restaurant in Anguilla. It’s open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they have a great, wide menu. The staff is incredibly friendly and the service is great. There’s one person in particular, Armel Harrigan, who has a beautiful smile that you’ll remember!

{Editor’s Note: Yes, Armel is Rasharn’s mother. Make an effort to meet both of them while you’re in Anguilla and you will see that her infectious personality was definitely hereditary!}

When it comes to must-sees and attractions, what are your top recommendations for guests?
1.     The Frangipani offers a boat excursion that goes to Shoal Bay, Crocus Bay and Little Bay. It’s a must!
2.     Go SCUBA diving with Shoal Bay SCUBA and see some of our shipwrecks and reefs

What do you think is the #1 thing a guest should experience?
The #1 thing to experience in Anguilla is Scilly Cay. It’s been around for years and it’s always one of the top places to experience. From Island Harbour, it’s a short (free) boat trip and you can listen to a local string band while you’re having lunch on Sundays. The chicken is lovely and you have to love the $5 rum punch!

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    Thanks for the tips, Rashan! My husband and I look forward to seeing you all again this week! Kathryn and Larry Krasner, Medfield, MA.

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