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Why Anguilla’s Carnival reigns supreme

When it comes to getting to know Anguilla’s must-see spots and local hangouts, it’s hard to beat the insight that a local can share with you. We’re continuing our ‘Local Insights’ series by talking with our staff members individually to get their thoughts on the Frangipani, island secrets, must-try dining and favorite experiences. Juman Hughes, our newest beach boy, shares his thoughts on Anguilla’s Carnival and why local haunt, Boca Chica, is the best kept secret on the island.

Hometown: South Hill, Anguilla
Years at the Frangipani: 
1 year

What’s your favorite thing about Anguilla?
My favorite thing about Anguilla is the Carnival celebration in August. August Monday has become one of the biggest days in the Caribbean and the entire community is out to celebrate. The colors, the splendor, the boat races — it’s an exciting time to be in Anguilla.

What do you think makes the Frangipani a unique experience for guests?
Me! [laughs] Well, all of us. The staff is what makes the Frangipani a unique experience for guests. We get to know the guests personally and they can rely on us. It feels like a home here.

What do you think is the island’s best kept secret?
Boca Chica. It’s a totally different atmosphere than most other places in Anguilla. They have a DJ most nights, a good bar and a pool table, which is hard to find in Anguilla. It’s a great local place to go at night.

When it comes to dining, what’s your favorite restaurant on the island?
For fine dining, I love Pimms Restaurant on Maundays Bay. The restaurant is on the rocks and it’s a great place to catch a beautiful sunset. For local spots, Flavazz is a new favorite. It’s a small place on Blowing Point Road that serves good burgers — salmon burgers and vegetarian burgers, too — and they’re all at local prices.

When it comes to must-sees and attractions, what are your top recommendations for guests?
1.     Carnival — It’s a must-see and August Monday’s beach party is quite the experience.
2.     Scilly Cay — The lobster, the rum punch. It’s a good ‘day away’ from Anguilla and just an overall cool spot.
3.     Elvis’ and the Pumphouse — For beach bars in Anguilla, those two are musts.

What do you think is the #1 thing a guest should experience?
If you like snorkeling, a snorkeling day at Little Bay is a memorable experience. There’s great fish, coral, and underwater exploring, and it’s one of the prettiest places in Anguilla.

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