August Thursday Beach Party

Private party at the Frangipani Beach Resort

After the madness of August Monday had come to a close, we were gearing up for Thursday’s events. The Meads Bay boat races takes place on Thursday, making the Frangipani the perfect place to watch the races while taking in the energy of onlookers.

In honor of the races, the resort hosted a private party for in-house guests, complete with live music, appetizers from Straw Hat restaurant and a DIY bar to whip up rum cocktails. For many, it was the highlight of Carnival week. Floating in the pool, watching the boats take off, and listening to the Mussington Brothers play while the sun began to set was absolute perfection on every level. Check out this quick video of the Mussington Brothers in action – absolutely incredible:

Here’s another quick clip captured on an iPhone:

Below are some of  pictures from the day’s festivities:





Frangipani Beach Resort, Anguilla, BWI


Were you here for Carnival week? What were the highlights for you?

xo from Anguilla,

Shannon Kircher

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