Aerial View of Frangipani + The Villa

Meads Bay, Anguilla

Our architect captured this amazing aerial shot of the Frangipani Resort and we had to share! It gives such a fabulous perspective as to the Frangipani’s expansive beachfront – even we were drooling at this view! – and the location of the newly acquired villa (directly to the right of the Frangipani as shown in the photo above).

One of the best parts of this photo?

This was taken in April, a time when our resort is still busy and in full swing… aren’t you loving the number of people on the beach? Definitely no fighting for beach chairs here!

Cheers from Meads Bay,
Team Frangipani



Day Trip: Prickly Pear Cays


On Friday, we took some of our guests out on a boat excursion, beginning at Prickly Pear and ending at the Frangipani Beach Resort with lunch at da’Vida in between. Prickly Pear was a new experience for most guests, even for the Anguilla veterans with years of adventures under their belts. There are two islands that make up Prickly Pear: Prickly Pear East and Prickly Pear West, both uninhabited. On the eastern cay, there are two establishments perched ever-so-perfectly on the beach. Johnno’s, of Sandy Ground fame, has a small satellite beach bar there (though it’s not open regularly). Prickly Pear Restaurant, with a main restaurant and a pop-up stand on the beach, provides affordable frozen concoctions ($6 for coladas and daiquiris) and a great lunch menu.

The trip is a bit further than more well-known Sandy Island, with a trip time of about 25 minutes each way. We headed north towards the openness of the Atlantic as flat Anguilla became masked by mountainous St. Maarten. As the clouds moved away and the sun came out, even the faint silhouette of Saba was visible in the distance.

One guest asked us why the islands are called Prickly Pear Cays. I have no legitimate answer for that. We’ve since asked around our offices at the Frangipani to see if locals had any insight, but we’re still stumped. Someone offered up the thought that perhaps the islands are shaped like prickly pears. Our assumption is that prickly pears once grew on the islands, giving them their moniker. If anyone knows the real story, please share in the comments below!

Some snapshots from beautiful Prickly Pear






Have you visited Prickly Pear before? What’s your favorite off-island cay when you’re in Anguilla?

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Meads Bay ranked amongst best beaches in the world

Meads Bay

Islands Magazine ranks Frangipani’s beachfront amongst the world’s best

While some may assume I’m a bit biased, I’ve always touted Meads Bay as the island’s best beach. The soft, white sands and turquoise waters provide a picture-perfect Caribbean backdrop and the long expanse of beach makes it one of the best for those long sunset strolls. Like many of Anguilla’s other beaches, Meads is unspoiled; a few palapas dot the beach and the low density makes it a haven for those looking to escape the crowded beaches of other, more touristy Caribbean retreats.

Islands Magazine, a publication that looks at islands around the globe, recently put together their own list showcasing Best Island Beaches in a Top 10 list. After ranking hundreds of beaches around the world, the Hawaiian and Caribbean islands ranked supreme, with Meads Bay coming in at #2 (#1 in the Caribbean).

Awe-inspiring view aside, Meads is also home to a stellar array of restaurants (think Jacala, Blanchard’s and Straw Hat amongst others) which make it a great jumping off point for exploring and dining. Of course, it might be a bit tough making reservations at Malliouhana like the magazine recommends (a bit outdated on the info), but no matter; you’re still sure to find fab, luxe accommodations along the beach.

Top 10

Top 5 excerpted from Islands Magazine

Interested in staying on Meads Bay? Check out the Frangipani’s summer rates here and get traveling! (Read our review on why we think summer rocks.) Don’t forget your camera — if your friends are anything like mine, I’m sure they’ll want to see what the Caribbean’s best beach looks like through your lens.

What do you think of this Top 10 list?