Frangipani Employee Relief Fund

Supporting Anguilla after Hurricane Irma

We’re still assessing damages at the hotel but are optimistic about our recovery. Much of our ability to continue to work after this disaster is because of the wonderful staff that we call family. We are sad to report that many Frangipani staff members have sustained severe damage to their homes, and some have lost theirs entirely. We have offered the hotel as shelter for employees that currently don’t have a home but are focused on helping them rebuild their lives. We greatly appreciate all of the love that we’ve received, and many of you have asked how to help. We have set up a Frangipani Employee Relief Fund and will work to help each employee rebuild their homes and lives. We are personally overseeing that these funds are allocated to those in need. For those wanting to contribute, we think that this is the most meaningful and impactful way, and we hope that you will share this with others who may be interested in donating.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has reached out! Together we will make Frangipani and the island of Anguilla even greater.