Celebrate New Year’s Like a Celeb on Meads Bay

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Ring in 2018 at a Luxury Villa on Meads Bay 🍾

Been dreaming about a Caribbean escape for your New Year celebration? We’ve got you covered with an extra special villa package to ring in 2018! Bring your friends or family to Anguilla for the ultimate beachfront escape. Plus, with the villa’s perfect position in the middle of Meads Bay, guests can enjoy two gorgeous NYE fireworks shows with Malliouhana and Four Seasons’ displays on either end of the beach. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Five-night stay from December 28, 2017 through January 2nd, 2018, with additional nights available upon request
  • Stay includes a complimentary private charter aboard FrangiCat
  • A magnum of champagne on arrival (is there any other way to celebrate?!)
  • Complimentary motorized and non-motorized water sports included – kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, Hobie Cats, wake boarding, water skiing, and tubing
  • Access to our fitness center, with the best gym view on the island, plus access to our tennis court included
  • Concierge service to assist with all pre-arrival and stay details
  • A daily breakfast credit to award-winning Straw Hat Restaurant included
  • $6000/night + taxes, available exclusively through the hotel

Learn more about this gorgeous beachfront villa in Anguilla on the Frangipani Beach Resort website. Download the full PDF for more details on the rooms, plus all of the wonderful perks of staying at Frangipani Beach Resort!

Contact us directly at info@frangipaniresort.com or by phone at 1-877-593-8988 to book your stay!

Now Available: Frangipani Villa in September & October

Anguilla Beachfront Villa, Frangipani Beach Resort

A new season for Anguilla lovers

Frequent visitors to the island of Anguilla wonder why the resorts and restaurants as a whole close down during the months of September and October. While the fall brings slightly warmer temps, it also means that you’ll have long stretches of beach all to yourself. A few restaurants remain open during the September/October period, but guests also have the option for private chef opportunities or the chance to grill in and enjoy their secluded getaway.

New this season, Frangipani Beach Resort is offering our beachfront villa in Anguilla, with four ocean facing en-suite bedrooms, private pool, spa, washer/dryer and fully equipped kitchen during September and October for an option during the fall months. With the resort closed during that time, the villa will operate as a self-catering unit, but daily housekeeping service is available at an additional fee, and the tennis court will be available for guest use.


Villa at Frangipani, Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Spacious kitchen, perfect for meals in or for a private chef in September and October.

Villa at Frangipani, Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Living Space, Kitchen + Dining Area

Villa at Frangipani, Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Indoor dining area

Villa at Frangipani, Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay, Anguilla

All bathrooms equipped with bathtub, indoor shower and outdoor shower

Villa at Frangipani, Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Upstairs living/entertainment area

Villa at Frangipani, Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay, Anguilla

One of two upstairs bedrooms; all bedrooms equipped with en-suite bathrooms

Villa at Frangipani, Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Upstairs balcony offers stunning views of Meads Bay

Villa at Frangipani, Frangipani Beach Resort, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Balcony views of Meads Bay, Anguilla

Interested? Email us at info@frangipaniresort.com or call us at 1 (877) 593-8988 or at 1 (264) 497-6442 for more information or to book your fall getaway on stunning Meads Bay! Read more about our beachfront villa in Anguilla.

Frangipani Beach Resort’s beachfront villa can accommodate a maximum of 8 adults, plus 2 children. A five-night minimum is required in September and October, and the villa is available at a rate of $2000/night + taxes.

Hiring a Private Chef in Anguilla

Hiring a Private Chef in Anguilla

Guide to Hiring a Chef for Your Island Getaway

A private chef seems like a lofty idea, and perhaps unnecessary on an island as fabulously foodie as Anguilla. Yet, for many guests to the island, a romantic private dinner a deux or a private chef for a weeklong villa experience with friends is just what the vacation doctor ordered. There’s a personal touch, and the menu is catered to your palate and dream dining experience. What’s not to love?

We’ve been testing the waters with private chef services on a nightly basis at our new villa in Anguilla, which has allowed us to learn how to approach the process of collaborating with a private chef.

And it should be a collaboration. The entire process should be somewhat consultative in nature. How many people? What’s your style? What are you looking to achieve? To work effectively with a private chef and have it wow you, both parties need to understand the other’s expectations. Based on our experiences, here’s a quick guide on how to work effectively with a private chef, whether it’s a one-off experience for a special night on vacation, or services spanning your entire getaway.

Find Your Chef

Hiring a Private Chef

1. If you’re staying at a villa, the owners or property managers will likely have recommendations to share with you. At Frangipani, we’ve been vetting chefs ourselves to find out whose style vibes best and which chefs offer the easiest experience from start to finish. We’ve had some bad eggs, but in the process we found our keepers.

Understand the Payment Terms

2. For some people, this may be a non-issue, but for many of us, it’s important to know how this process works from a financial perspective. Chefs operate in different ways and it’s important to understand what you’re getting into so everything ends as happily as it starts. Are you paying per hour or per person? Some charge a flat rate for a fixed number of people with a cost per head beyond that. Know how they operate on this front. Once you figure out that price, dig deeper. What exactly does that price include?

For many chefs we’ve spoken with, a quoted fee doesn’t include the cost of food. You may need to provide the chef cash to shop. They should return the change and all receipts. Is service charge included in that cost? Some chefs include a fee of 10%, 15% or more on top of the final bill as a mandatory service charge. What about service? Some chefs have quoted us a price that includes a chef and a server, while some charge an additional fee for service and clean-up.

Some may prefer to bartend themselves and choose their own wines, but if that’s something you’re hoping to add on, some chefs can bring in a bartender or sommelier to help craft cocktails or create a wine pairing menu with dinner.

Do know that the cost of hiring a private chef can vary hugely so don’t always assume it’s out of your budget. Many chefs will provide pricing for a one-off dinner vs. an entire week experience, with pricing becoming incrementally more enticing with more people in your party.

Ask for Inspiration

Hiring a Private Chef in Anguilla

3. If you’re hiring a professional chef, they should be able to provide you with sample menus or some inspiration for your dining experience. As we’ve learned in the past: if they can’t articulate what they can offer, then you probably don’t want to be a guinea pig. The chefs we’ve had the best experiences with were able to share sample menus they’ve created in the past or were able to consult with us to craft a menu that fit our tastes and interests. Don’t be afraid to ask them to send over some inspiration – most chefs are happy to send over previous menus they’ve crafted to get the ball rolling and gauge which types of cuisine interest you.

Communicate What You Want

Private Chef in Anguilla, Hiring a Private Chef

4. Chefs work with a huge variety of diners with different tastes, dietary restrictions, and ideas about the dining experience. Communicate what you’re looking for, or at the very least communicate what you’re not looking for. Any dietary restrictions? Be sure to tell them! Do you prefer bold flavors or do you shy away from spice?

Ask if they have specialties – you can use these or modify them to fit your taste. Chat about what a typical dinner looks like for them: is it three courses? Is it family style? Dream up what you have in mind and see how that vibes with their style and their abilities. Not a dessert person? Let them know to scrap dessert and add a pre-dinner snack (e.g. shrimp cocktail, ceviche, pita and hummus, etc.) or pre-dinner cheese plate instead.

If you’re looking at hiring a private chef for the week vs. a single dinner, talk to them about stocking your kitchen in advance for different meals and be prepared to provide a list. With a high-end villa like the Villa at Frangipani, we communicate with guests prior to arrival to provide a checklist if guests are looking for stocking services prior to arrival. Generally it’s good to come up an idea of what you want and what will make your dining – and snacking! – enjoyable.

Wanting to hire a private chef for an upcoming stay at the Villa at Frangipani? Email our concierge at concierge@frangipaniresort.com to check out sample menus and get recommendations!

What are your thoughts on hiring a private chef? Have you ever hired a professional chef on vacation before? 

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Villa Photo Shoot for Petals Boutique

On Sunday, we got to bring together two exciting elements: our new four-bedroom villa on Meads Bay and our on-site boutique, Petals. Petals has grown over the handful of years that its been open, and has come to include a rich selection of locally crafted items, Anguilla-themed clothing, resort wear and beach wear, high-end souvenirs, and a carefully curated selection of international pieces from around the globe. In our latest shoot, we’re highlighting some of our favorite items for Spring 2016!


Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Anguilla bags, available in Boston and JFK versions {$30 – $40}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Locally made jams, produced by Anguilla’s Jammin’ in a variety of flavors and sizes {$5 – $25}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Our Meads Bay ‘Getaway Tee’, a comfy 3/4 length top available in navy or light blue {$30}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Rock your favorite resort + island with these Frangipani koozies {$5}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

These starfish bags pack a secret – there’s a packable sunhat inside to protect you from Caribbean rays! {$35}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Resort wear on display at the villa with a mishmash of our favorite brands!

Goverre Wine Glasses, Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Wine glasses that were practically MADE for the beach! Glass with twist top lids and a silicone cover, available in pink and turquoise {$25}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Exclusive to Petals, our Anguilla jerseys available for men, women and children – a best seller! {$40 – $75}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

A gorgeous B&W coverup for all kinds of beach chic! {$65}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Fabulous hats, ‘Air Jewels’ necklaces, breezy tops, vibrant shorts + a beach-ready wine glass. Ready to face the day! {$18 – $65}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Vibrant jeweled flip flops to up your beach game, available in blue + coral {$25}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Meads Bay, Anguilla kids tees! Available in XS – L, in four great colors! {$20}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

We love a good romper! This breezy version is great for the beach or for a night out! {$50}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Yes, you can go B&W in the Caribbean! This black convertible dress can be worn in 6 ways – flattering on so many body types and skin tones!

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

This halter dress is a Petals favorite! Available in short and long versions and in a huge range of colors, it’s a wardrobe must-have. {$98}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

The Meads Bay Tank for women is a must for ladies! Available in coral and pale blue, XS – XL. {$25}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

We’ve got you covered on the hat front! Come in and choose from 30+ styles of beach-ready hats! {$20 – $75}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

The ultimate souvenir? These beachy rums are available in 2 flavors, in 25cl bottles or 50cl bottles in hard plastic for easy transport! {$15 – $20}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Created by Anguilla-based Sal e Mare, this is the ultimate versatile piece! Gorgeous colors, flattering cut, perfect for a range of sizes, XS – XXL. {$50}

Petals Boutique Anguilla, Shopping in Anguilla, Boutiques in Anguilla

Beachwear – DIALED. Tunics and coverups, perfect for beach-to-bar by a variety of designers in a range of colors. {$48 – $98}

Petals Boutique is located at the Frangipani Beach Resort on Meads Bay and is open from 9AM – 8PM through April 15th, and from 9AM – 6PM thereafter. Talk to our boutique reps/personal shoppers to help you find items that fit your style and budget!

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Five Romantic Experiences in Anguilla

Beachfront lazing on one of Anguilla’s 33 beaches is arguably a romantic pursuit in and of itself. So, how do you up the romance factor when you’re escaping with your other half on a getaway centered on disconnecting with the world and connecting with each other? If you’re heading to the island, here are five romantic experiences in Anguilla for you and that special someone:

Sunset Sail on Tradition Charters

Tradition Sailing, Anguilla

Honestly, how do you beat the utter beauty and tranquility of a gorgeous sunset? Watching the sunset while sailing across the Caribbean with a glass of champagne in hand.

Tradition Sailing knows how to make a sunset experience on the sea extra special, keeping your glass full with champagne, rum punch or a crisp glass of rose. Sailing into Little Bay at sunset is nothing short of magical. Join for one of their shared charters or charter the boat for your own private sail.

Read about our sunset sail on Tradition.

Dining on the Water

Five Romantic Experiences in Anguilla

Dining in Anguilla leaves visitors to the island spoiled for choice: there are a number of world-class dining experiences in settings that are amongst the world’s best. For most couples, a beachfront dining experience with the sound of the Caribbean Sea as the evening’s soundtrack is the ultimate in al fresco dining.

For upscale Caribbean fare, try Straw Hat Restaurant on Meads Bay. For French cuisine, make a reservation at Jacala, and don’t discount their lunch — it’s one of my favorites! Other romantic upscale favorites include Mango’s for a seaside experience and da ‘Vida (go on a Thursday to be serenaded by Omalie 360!) located on Crocus Bay. Continue reading →

[DOWNLOAD] Your Starter Guide to Anguilla

Check out our newest publication, available for download for visitors to Anguilla! In this 15-page magazine, we’re sharing top 10 musts in Anguilla, reasons to visit the island in the summer, local events and what it’s like to rent out the entire resort (!) for your friends or family.

Read it below or download to peruse during your flight to AXA!

What do you want to see added to this publication?

Unveiling the Frangipani Fitness Center

The 2014/2015 season has brought a lot of excitement for us at the Frangipani! We officially unveiled our new reception area, and with it, our new fitness center and conference space. Yes, Anguilla’s all about lazing in the sun under a palapa and sipping rum punch overlooking the Caribbean Sea, but we had many guests wanting to sneak in a good morning workout, or a pre-dinner run.

Frangipani Beach Resort, Anguilla Fitness, Anguilla Gym

Behold, the brand spankin’ new fitness facility at the Frangipani Beach Resort. Treadmills, ellipticals, a couple of bikes, free weights and two benches (currently en route to Anguilla), along with an area for stretching, complete with medicine balls, resistance bands and mats.

Plus, check out this view! It certainly makes that extra mile a little easier.

Frangipani Beach Resort, Anguilla Fitness, Anguilla Gym Facilities

The resort’s new fitness center provides a great complement to our second pool, which is a great space for swimming laps for those that prefer water-based exercise. Our fitness facility is open to guests only, and passes are not available to outside guests.

Cheers to a happy, healthy 2015!


Cruising with Tradition Sailing

Sailing in Anguilla,

Amidst the fun of snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding, there’s something so great about the simple pleasure of being on a boat. At the Frangipani, that often times involves heading out our power boat, Relentless, visiting off-island cays and exploring beach bars that dot the island’s perimeter. On one occasion earlier this year we headed on a boat trip that was extra special, a sunset tapas cruise on Tradition Sailing.

Operated by Laurie Gumbs (of Pumphouse fame) and Deb, his partner-in-crime, the Tradition experience has been fine-tuned to give guests an incredibly unique and memorable experience. When the sunset works in your favor, it’s bliss to the nth degree. The vessel is a traditional West Indian sloop that provides an experience markedly different from a typical powerboat. Considering the historical and cultural significance of sailing in Anguilla, a traditional sailboat is an homage to the island of yesteryear; a slow sweet sail from Sandy Ground with a cocktail in hand and the wood beneath your feet.

Tradition Sailing AnguillaTradition Anguilla

Tradition has a slew of offerings from a half day Little Bay sail to a custom, tailored experience in the form of a private charter (I’ve often thought this would be perfect for a small wedding party or a family trip). Along with another couple, we were fortunate enough to hop aboard the sunset tapas cruise, one of their newer offerings this year where guests not only get to sip on delicious mimosas but also get to nibble on bites from an extravagant spread while the sun sets (think decadent cheese plate, veggie platter, salmon blinis, etc). Continue reading →

Day Trip: St. Barths

Earlier, we shared our excitement about flights offered by Trans Anguilla Airways, and now we’re sharing our experiences for guests interested in bringing together a Caribbean excursion with a taste of different islands. Our first excursion with TAA? St. Barths. 

We departed Anguilla at 10AM, just as scheduled. After chatting with the team at Trans Anguilla Airways, the flight to St. Barths was half of the draw for me. I had heard about the  landing and after having experienced it, it lived up to its hype.

Despite the small plane size and close quarters, the flight was actually pretty spectacular. I personally love flying (hate airports, but love flying) so the small plane was actually a bit of a draw for me. The view of Anguilla, St. Martin and St. Barths during the trip was stunning and the contrast between the islands’ topography was even more pronounced from above.  The short flight took us from Anguilla to St. Barths in 12 minutes, where we scooted into the airport and walked right onto St. Jean Beach.

Also worth noting, the AXA airport is quite possibly the nicest and simplest airport on the face of the earth. If you haven’t been through Anguilla’s airport before, you’re in for a pleasantly easy experience. We arrived about 30 minutes prior to flight time, which may have been 15 minutes earlier than necessary. Since there are inevitably only a few people on your given flight there’s not this entire production about safety, exits, etc. (though they do make sure to point out exits and make sure you buckle up). The plane is smaller than an SUV, so everything is pretty obvious at first glance.

St. Jean Beach – Anse de Lorient

After a quick landing and deplaning, we were on our way to explore St. Barths. The airport is adjacent to St. Jean Beach, home of Eden Rock Resort, which was clearly visible in the distance. Since we had opted out of renting a car, we decided to walk down the beach to check out the area and the architecture of the island. At first glance, it looked much like St. Martin: red-roofed buildings built into a sea of mountainous greenery.

Walking through the streets surrounding St. Jean Beach and Anse de Lorient, I was immediately impressed with how chic and clean the areas were. The cobblestone roads were quaint, and the brightly colored boats added to the Caribbean feel. Unlike Anguilla’s bright candy-colored Caribbean houses (think bright orange, teal, lime green, etc.), St. Barths’ homes and buildings are very French Caribbean, straight off of a Coastal Chic Pinterest Board.


While there’s a fair bit of nice shopping in the St. Jean area, we wanted to get out and explore different regions of St. Barths before lunch. The staff at Eden Rock was kind enough to call us a cab since there were none available on the streets. When a black Mercedes cab pulled up, I looked at Scott with both excitement and fear. Can I have them send a Kia cab? This is going to cost a fortune. As if by government mandate that all things in St. Barths embody all that is beautiful and perfect, the cab smelled like fresh cut flowers inside and the interior was spotlessly perfect. Verdict: 20 euros to Gustavia. That I could do. Do note that cabs in St. Barths are extremely expensive (not unlike Anguilla). Keep costs down by staying near the airport — there’s plenty to do within walking distance of the airport.

We made it down to Gustavia with no real plans in mind. We asked the taxi driver to drop us off at the starting point of the main shopping ‘strip’, an area dotted with boutique shops and luxury stores like Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Bulgari. I dared to window shop, but didn’t venture too much further than that. We approached the end of the strip and a restaurant that was recommended by our cab driver for a drink, a burger place called Le Select. While I wouldn’t have known any better, Scott recognized Le Select’s name as being the inspiration for Jimmy Buffett’s Cheeseburger in Paradise. Sure enough, the sign confirmed this. For all of you Jimmy Buffett lovers, I’m sure this is on your agenda.

We had about an hour before we wanted to leave for lunch and Le Select was dead but for a few weathered locals sitting at the bar inside. We decided to find a place with outdoor seating and a view to grab a drink. Just down the street, we ran into La Cantina which fit that very description.

I grabbed a margarita (no mint for my mojito go-to) and Scott grabbed a Ti Punch, the famous drink of the French Caribbean. Near the water, this place offered great views and a perfect perch to people watch. Plus, the prices were refreshingly reasonable. If you’re looking for an affordable place in Gustavia, La Cantina offers street side tapas and cocktails.

Note: If you’re taking the ferry from Anguilla or St. Martin to St. Barths, you’ll get dropped off in Gustavia on the main drag, which is perfect for walking around. There are plenty of shops and dining in Gustavia to keep you intrigued.

Lunch at Le Gaiac

We asked our taxi driver to take us to Le Toiny Hotel for lunch, a €30 cab ride. I have no idea if we were getting totally ripped off on cabs all day, but based on Anguilla’s taxi prices, I think that may be the norm. Unlike the Merecedes cab of earlier, this was a beat up old van with a wizened cab driver at the helm. €30 seemed a bit outrageous, but he explained that the restaurant was ‘across the island’. On an island that’s 8 square miles, that makes you raise your eyebrows a bit.

Lunch was one of our main missions for the day since that was the only dining we were going to experience in St. Barths. We wanted to see Hotel Le Toiny so we opted to eat at their on-site restaurant, the acclaimed Le Gaiac. On Tuesdays, Le Gaiac offers a gourmet ‘Fish Market’ prix fixe lunch special in lieu of their standard menu. For a set price, you get a three-course lunch with a selection for each course. There are certainly less expensive options (see below) but we wanted to explore the hotel for future trips to the island. With the hotel and restaurant set up on the hill, the view from Le Gaiac is a stunning one; sweeping views of Anse Toiny and the green hills that surround the beach.

If you’ve looked into a trip to St. Barths, you’ll know that dining can be very expensive. There are a number of high-end places with entree prices that will make you look twice. There are also a number of places that are reasonable by St. Barths’ standards. Do a bit of research beforehand so you know what you’re getting into. You don’t have to spend a fortune on food. There are super casual dining spots scattered throughout the island, plus grocery stores which offer easy options for a beach picnic.

Looking for something more affordable for lunch? Check out these places in St. Barths:

The Wall House Restaurant, Gustavia
Andy’s Hideaway, St. Jean
Le Creperie, Gustavia
K’Fe Massai, St. Jean

While you could easily spend a few days in St. Barths, six hours was the perfect taste of the island if you’re just looking for a glimpse. Since you’re only there for a brief period, plan your day out in advance to ensure you’re making the most of your brief time on the island. If you decide to stay by the airport, you’ll have St. Jean Beach and Anse L’orient within walking distance, plus great lunch spots and plenty of cute boutiques to do a bit of shopping. Save that cab money and spend it on lunch and a ti punch. Tres chic indeed.

This post originally appeared in its original form on The Traveling Scholar.