Anguilla Carnival Celebrations

Anguilla Carnival, #AXASumFest
Snapshots from August Monday

For those that have visited peaceful Anguilla during any other week of the year, you’ll know that the island is synonymous with utter tranquility. Besides the sounds of laughter, ocean lapping up on the sand, and the clinking of rum punch glasses, the beaches are generally a place of unadulterated relaxation.

Then comes Carnival week, Anguilla’s Summer Festival, with August Monday’s festivities. During this one week – this one day – the island is transformed. BBQ stations line Sandy Ground, Heineken tents dole out rum punch in quantity, and a stage situated in the sand is home to live bands that get the crowd  dancing  from day to night. Boats from St. Martin and St. Barths pull into Sandy Ground to tie up and celebrate at one of the Caribbean’s biggest beach parties. It’s a holiday on the island, and for many, the countdown to August Monday begins 364 days in advance. Even those that prefer to skip the madness of the beach party should pop down for a moment to take it in; it’s people watching at its finest and it’s an event that captures the spirited culture of Anguilla and the joie de vivre of its people.

The Frangipani Beach Resort was completely booked up for this year’s Carnival celebration and it was a week for the books. For some guests it was a first. For many, it was a tradition. Here are some snapshots from August Monday:

#AXASumFestAXA Summer Festival#AXASumFest#AXASumFest#AXASumFest#AXASumFest#AXASumFest#AXASumFest#AXASumFest#AXASumFestWas anyone in Anguilla to experience Carnival this year? What’s your favorite time to be on the island?



Local Insights: Shanesha Hughes

Shanesha Hughes

Why Anguilla’s beaches live up to their reputation

When it comes to getting to know the island’s hot spots and must-sees, it’s hard to beat the insight that a local can share with you. We’re continuing our ‘Local Insights’ series by talking with our staff members individually to get their thoughts on the Frangipani, island secrets, must-try dining and favorite experiences. Shanesha Hughes, a concierge at the resort, shares her insights on what makes Anguilla special and why Anguilla’s beaches live up to their hype.

Hometown: South Hill, Anguilla
Years at the Frangipani: 
7 years

What’s your favorite thing about Anguilla?
The people always extend a warm welcome to visitors and are respectful. Plus, our beaches are wonderful!

What do you think makes the Frangipani a unique experience for guests?
The Frangipani is intimate and we’re just steps away from one of the island’s best beaches. It’s really a unique environment due to its small size, and for a luxurious experience with all of our amenities, it’s an affordable option.

What’s the most interesting (or challenging!) that request you’ve received from a guest?
There was one time when a guest wanted to charter a helicopter for his wife for their anniversary which I thought was such a nice idea. Unfortunately, there aren’t any companies in Anguilla who offer helicopter tours but we did get him set up with cake and flowers!

What do you think is the island’s best kept secret?
Sandy Ground. It’s a great place to walk around and explore. You don’t really go to Sandy Ground for the beach but there are lots of restaurants and art galleries, and there’s always something going on.

When it comes to dining, what’s your favorite restaurant on the island?
Veya. Even though it’s not on the beach, the atmosphere is amazing, and the food is scrumptious. It’s literally a tree house!

When it comes to must-sees and attractions, what are your top recommendations for guests?
1.     Sandy Island for lunch and snorkeling
2.     Little Bay — great snorkeling and it’s only accessible by boat!
3.     On Da Rocks for $5 crayfish on the weekends

What do you think is the #1 thing a guest should experience?
The beaches — Anguilla’s beaches really are incredible! We have 33 to experience, so you have to put a few on your agenda.

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