Aerial View of Frangipani + The Villa

Meads Bay, Anguilla

Our architect captured this amazing aerial shot of the Frangipani Resort and we had to share! It gives such a fabulous perspective as to the Frangipani’s expansive beachfront – even we were drooling at this view! – and the location of the newly acquired villa (directly to the right of the Frangipani as shown in the photo above).

One of the best parts of this photo?

This was taken in April, a time when our resort is still busy and in full swing… aren’t you loving the number of people on the beach? Definitely no fighting for beach chairs here!

Cheers from Meads Bay,
Team Frangipani



Join the conversation: #AnguillaLive


Frangipani Beach Resort joins in on the first Anguilla Twitter chat

During this coming week, we’ll be participating in Anguilla’s first twitter chat where we’ll be talking about all things Anguilla and fielding questions from those looking for some insight. Co-hosted by Nori from and the Caribbean Tourist Board, hotels, restaurants, and locals alike will be doling out stories, thoughts and insights with fellow Anguillaphiles.

Get involved in the conversation

If you’ve participated in a Twitter chat previously, you know how this all works. If you haven’t, here’s the scoop on how to get involved:

  • Sign into your Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, sign up here with your own handle. Keep in mind, you don’t have to participate, you can always just ‘listen in’.

Twitter chat

  • In the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen, type in #AnguillaLive to see the conversation.  When the chat goes live, you’ll see a stream of questions, answers and thoughts from users around the world that are participating in the conversation. Note: You’ll notice that all of the comments shown in this string have a within the content (or at the end of the comment). For tweets to fall into this thread, they must include the #AnguillaLive hashtag.
  • Ready to contribute or ask a question of your own? To compose a new Tweet, head to your homepage where you will see a box prompting you to ‘Compose new Tweet…’. Toss your thoughts into the box (140 characters or less!) and include #AnguillaLive. Your comments will be added to the thread where other folks can respond to you!


  • Head back to the conversation to see what others have to say on the topic. If someone mentions you, they’ll include your Twitter handle by using the @ to designate that a comment is meant for you. (e.g. if someone is talking to the Frangipani directly, they will include @frangipaniaxa in their tweet to ensure we see their thoughts.) If you want to mention someone specifically, make sure you include their handle, preceded by the @ symbol.

Feel free to throw in your questions or comments below! If you’re looking for some folks to follow that will be involved in the chat, here are a few people that will get the conversation started:

Are there any questions you have that you want to include in our chat this week?

Restaurant Spotlight: Dolce Vita


Italian food makes a splash in Anguilla

Guests often ask for restaurant recommendations. For most, the sheer quantity of high calibre restaurants on the island make this is a seriously tough question to answer. There are a few restaurants that constantly stay top of mind for me — all standouts for their own reasons — but arguments can surely be made for many of the restaurants on the island.

One of the places that never fails to make the recommendations list? Dolce Vita in Sandy Ground. I’ll be frank in prefacing this discussion: Italian isn’t one of my favorite cuisines. Unlike the majority of mankind, pizza and pasta rarely capture my interest. That being said, Dolce Vita’s take on traditional Italian cuisine leaves me wanting more.

The food itself is, without a doubt, divine. Housemade pastas, fresh seafood, and high quality inputs make their fare irresistible. Beyond that, though, there’s the ambiance, the service and the proprietor, Abbi Ibrahim, who keeps Dolce Vita buzzing with life.


Their appetizer menu offers perfectly balanced options: pair light and refreshing tuna tartare or bruschetta with the decadent gorgonzola gnocchi and your table is guaranteed to be all smiles. My love for tuna tartare is often unparalleled, but the gnocchi is tres magnifique; a must-try even for the most discerning palates.

Their pastas, seafood and meat options offer something for everyone. Not a pasta fan? The branzino, which is deboned table side, gets rave reviews from frequenters of this Italian spot. If you’ve made reservations at Dolce Vita because you are an Italian enthusiast, you’re in good hands. One of their frequent specials allows you to choose crayfish or lobster with your choice of house made pasta. Other house favorites include their famous homemade lasagna (more like a decadent, melt-in-your-mouth soufflé), the seafood pasta, and the duck paparedelle.

After the bread, the wine, and the pasta, you’re probably thinking you’ll need to be rolled out of Sandy Ground. Well, be warned: the desserts and after dinner drinks will set your hearts aflame, so save room. Abbi, ever the showman, expertly makes Grand Marnier sizzle, and sets bananas flambé aflame table side (see the picture above).

Here’s a snapshot of their dinner menu to whet your palate:

Dolce Vita Menu

See their menus here.

Dolce Vita is open for dinner Monday through Saturday and offers a lunch menu Monday through Friday. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

Have you dined at Dolce Vita? What’s are your favorite menu items?

7 reasons to visit Anguilla in the summer


Visitors flock to the warm beaches of Anguilla during the winter months. Some join us to celebrate the holidays beachside with their families, while others are excited to leave the frigid winters in New York, Chicago, Vancouver and the like. While winters in the Caribbean never fail to dazzle, summers certainly have their perks. For those that aren’t necessarily set on their winter warm-up in the Caribbean, I could make a serious argument that May and June are prime months for planning a getaway to Anguilla (in fact, I’ve mentioned this to friends and family alike on a number of occasions). Here are 7 reasons to get you thinking about your summer getaway:

Low season prices are in effect.

Anguilla Low Season, Frangipani Beach Resort

1. It’s no secret that an Anguillan getaway can be a bit of an investment during the winter months, but rack rates drop considerably across the island during low season. Sure, our one bedroom suite may not play into your romantic getaway budget during the holidays, but you can enjoy the same luxury at half the price if you book for the summer.

The weather still rocks.

Anguilla weather

2. I know what you’re thinking. There’s a reason people go to the Caribbean in the winter — the weather is at its peak! Well, yes, the weather is great during December, but it’s just as great during May or June. Expect weather in the high 70s – high 80s for most of the year, low season included.

You can get into your favorite restaurants.


3. There’s a fair likelihood that your favorite restaurants on the island are other visitors’ favorite restaurants, too. The reality is that many people make their restaurant reservations in advance; months in advance in some cases. If you’re looking to make a reservation at Blanchard’s, Straw Hat or Barrel Stay (amongst many others in demand) over the holidays, you’ll probably want to make those reservations early. If you’re looking to get into those same restaurants during the summer, you’ll have a much easier time getting a reservation and fewer visitors to share your space with.

You’ll have your own stretch of beach.


4. Low season brings fewer visitors which means there’s a strong likelihood you’ll have a large stretch of beach all to yourself. In reality, this happens even during high season in many spots (it’s one of the perks of Anguilla being a rather undiscovered gem), but low season is impressively relaxing and personal. Sure there are spots that you can go if you’re looking for a lively crowd, but if you want some quiet beach time during the day, you’ll be able to find a place to enjoy your very own patch of white sandy beach.

You’ll get a rental car.

5. I realize this doesn’t sound like a bonus, but it really is. There are a number of rental car vendors on the island, but there isn’t always sufficient stock to supply all of the tourists that visit during the bustling winter months. Some people opt for taxis over rental cars of course, but that can be an expensive prospect. During the summer months, you’re almost guaranteed to find a rental car for your stay. Remember: Drive left. (A post on why you should rent a car is forthcoming.)

Enjoy some local flair.


6. If you’re looking for a serious local experience, Anguilla’s annual Carnival celebration is not to be missed. The entire celebration spans nearly two weeks, beginning at the end of July and heading into August, but the most noteworthy is arguably August Monday. The first Monday of August (the 5th this year) marks one of the most famous beach parties in the Caribbean. Locals are out en masse to celebrate Anguillan culture with local fare, local music and a whole lot of dancing.

If you’re not up for a Carnival experience, the summer months will still give you a glimpse into local living. When beach bars and restaurants aren’t loaded up with visitors, you’ll get a better chance to chat with locals and expats about Anguillan living (plus gain some insights into their favorite to-dos).

Family vacations make sense.

7. Last, but not least: family vacations make sense during the summer. If you’re looking for a family getaway instead of a romantic rendezvous, summer becomes the most ideal time to book. With the kids out of school and the new year crunch time dissipating at work, taking a week for family time becomes a bit more doable. Plus, with rates being 50%+ lower than high season rates, the two or three-bedroom suite makes your getaway more comfortable and more affordable.

Do I have you convinced? What’s your favorite time to join us in the Caribbean?